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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Historic Queen Anne in St. Charles, IL

The story begins…
...sometime around 1895. While we do not know the exact date this home was built, we do know that John Peter Anderson purchased the property the home is located on from Daniel Rolph on December 1, 1888. The first listing for 803 S. 6th appears in the 1896 St. Charles City Directory where Anderson was listed as living there with an occupation of “ditcher and tiler”. {There are no City Directories from 1889 to 1896.} Anderson married his wife Sara H., on September 8, 1876, and together they had five children: Jennie, Frank, Charles, Fred, and Hilda. They sold the house to their son Charles in 1901 who was employed at the Cable Piano Factory in St. Charles.

This home was built in the Queen Anne style towards the end of the Victorian architectural period. The building styles of post Civil War America were very much fueled by the new industrial age and accompanying prosperity. In addition, in 1880 Sherwin Williams developed a linseed oil paint formula that succeeded in maintaining the suspension of color in the paint itself; thereby, making available for the first time a wide variety of mass-produced pre-mixed colors. By 1887, many people were painting their houses in brighter, lighter colors as opposed to the one color white, beige, or gray of their predecessors. The exterior of this home has just been freshly painted using historic paint colors from that era.

While color is one of the more easily identifiable features of Victorian style, the Queen Anne brought with it certain architectural elements of its own. Technological developments in milling simplified the making of more complex architectural features. As can be seen on this home, architectural intricacies of multiple and cantilevered gables, rounded corners, different wall textures found in the gables’ patterned wood shingles, and porch with spindles and gingerbread lend themselves to the ornamentation that the Queen Anne is known for. Other Queen Anne elements found within this home are a formal entrance hall, compartmentalized rooms with round corners, and period woodwork. Step back in time to a period of gracious living!

This Looks Like Home!

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Historic Homes Specialty with Marian Boveri

Having always been interested in historic homes—both from an architectural and sociological perspective—I decided to include historic homes as an integral part of my business. My specialized approach to marketing a historic home includes focusing on the personal history and architecture of the home resulting in an individualized marketing message that reflects the uniqueness that is found in a historic home. It is this uniqueness that attracts people to the home. Attraction is the key to selling a home.
I am currently working towards my Historic Preservation Certification at Northwestern University. Understanding preservation is an integral part of appreciating the c 1830 to c 1940 historic homes that are found throughout the Fox River Valley. I also publish the “Historic Homes Journal” several times a year which features one of my listings and presents market statistics relative to both the general and historic homes markets as well as a compilation of current sold historic homes in the specific market. The specific markets currently included in the “Historic Homes Journal” are St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia with a mailing list of nearly 1000 homes. Other areas that include historic homes are Elgin, Aurora, West Dundee, DeKalb, and Sycamore.
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